September 11, 2008


One of my greatest.... turn ons... in life.. in the world... is (young) Biff Tannen from the Back to the Future movies. *swoon* Such a bully... so greedy... so selfish... so intense. (like me!) *pant* ... I had a BttF movie marathon a little while ago... here's some shit that was taken during it..


I want Biff to harrass me! I want him to CRAVE me the way he craves L. !!!

let it be MY face. someone photoshop me in!


Mmmm... big angry misunderstood bad boy, blue eyes, blonde hair, muscles... beautiful vintage wardrobe... *faint* my dream come true... Im going to write Tom Wilson a sleazy email. right now. for realsys. Im gonna. In fact, I'll post a copy here.


I know you're sick of people mentioning Biff to you. Your 'Biff Song' sketch is great. But I'm forced by my own perverted longings for 'young 50's Biff' and his date rapeyness, to email you and babble how badly I want to fuck you/him. ...... young 'future' Biff, and nasty casino owning 'wrong present' Biff were also very hot.

..of course, you've been awesome in EVERYTHING you've done so far. (I feel very proud of myself whenever I recognize your voice work, haha Pepper Ann!).

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Your Long Time Admirer,

p.s. ...Im really really serious. The character Biff is one of the first things that ever turned me on... a life long fetish!

oh my god I seriously just sent him that on myspace! eheheheheh!!!! I hope his wife doesn't see it first and delete it. *whimper* wives are always ruining my shit... but I DO wish them the best, and she must be slick to be with him ;>

at one point, during one of the highschool scenes, theres graffiti, and Joe fucking spotted 'smegma' written amongst the shit...hahaha!!:



by the way... I have updated and added lots of SEXY new JessieKitty content to the following areas:

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