August 6, 2008

ok fucks, and fuckettes.

I've been in the process of moving into a new apartment for the last few days, and now today Im finally moving my computer. I wont have internet until tomorrow afternoon ooo! Spend lots of money on me while I'm gone ;> (to the boys who are doing the orgasm control daily recordings program with me, have no fear, your assignment will just be a little later than usual tomorrow).

And for a quick second, I have got to express something. As you know, one of my main activities is "working" as a Pro Domme, at which I am talented to a SCARY degree ;> Being a pro domme, I'm prone to chill on bdsm websites...

I would just like to say, publicly, how I do NOT associate myself with the average pro domme, and submissive... because theyre fucking pitiful.

They sit around acting all fake, like theyre playing a dungeons and dragons game...a really lame one. Talking in stupid fantasy slang, being all dumb and contrived and 'pretend' like. I am real, I'm very real. Scary real. They are very fake. How come I have to suffer for it? *grrrr* The genius in a room full of ignorant people is always the one who's unhappy, right?

Anyway....spend some time in my forum where you can read entertaining posts like this one: Female Power? NO! It's JESSIEKITTY POWER!

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