August 3, 2008

I like to put essential oil of peppermint on my nostrils and fingers when I whack off because it makes your shit feel all minty and hot like when you fuck on coke. Not that.. I'd .. know.. hmhm.


I was having a conversation about random unimportant childhood events with someone, and it got me thinking about my own past... and now I am haunted by the sexually deviant behavior I participated in with other little girls when I was a kid. They were all either the same age as me, or older. We acted like skanks and did nasty shit. We were always obsessed with acting things out, usually gross scenarios that we shouldn't even have known about. Im specifically recoiling from the memory of fucking around with this girl Jamie, who was my neighbor. We went up in the attic of this shed with some porno magazines and had sex on a regular basis, for awhile. She was a year older than me, and I was barely a tween. We acted out stupid bondage scenes from a penthouse... and it was all musty and gross up there. Like dusty and dirty and old, and other peoples old abondoned crap was piled in there, with the mice. Boxes, and an old mattress. Fucking sickening, what was wrong with us! Speaking of nasty horror movie sexuality, I've got a gross gross new SISSY SLAVE. Sissy Baby Stephy. *barf* Look at this shit...


Getting paid to torture sick pigs is fun, and funny ;> And gross! haha. You can see more in my slave forum

if you're a submissive who wants to fuck around with me, you can click this niteflirt button to APPLY for slavery ;> You respond to the questionaire in the email:

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