January 10, 2008

Woo, theres a bunch of thunderstorm lightning tornado warning shit going on in TN right now. Exciting. It reminds me of this time I was out in public, and it was pouring, and I heard some hick scream up into the sky 'bring it down, JC, bring it down!'... jc meaning jesus christ. It was hilarious!!!

So Ive been recovering from the 'holiday season' by NOT drinking, and walking around nashville and playing video games and watching tv and other boring shit like that. My favorite show in the world started a new season about a month ago, and Ive been keeping a close eye. Its called Bad Girls Club, and its fucking excellent. A bunch of trashy sluts all living together in the same house, insulting eachother and beating eachother up and getting drunk. Fabulousness. Second only to 'Rock of Love' which also has a new season starting soon. Here's some BGS info:



I will die without these pants from my amazon wishlist:

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