January 11, 2008

EMERGENCY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I spoke too soon about the storms yesterday being cool... last night my desktop monitor died when the power flickered. I cant really do any webcamming, site maintenance, or content uploading until I get a new one. I also cant have fun, like watching youtube and shit like that, because my wireless router works crappy with this old DELL laptop and nothing will stream through it. Im totally sad, cause we just paid all the rent and bills so I dont have money to blow on computer equipment. help me! go get the monitor off my wishlist for me ;< amazon.com/gp/registry/1M2ICI06RV09T (its 187.00)

before the drama I uploaded new content to my members section, and my pic and vid stores.

*sigh* Im so bummed. This is so unrighteous.

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