December 12, 2007


Im so pumped for the SABRES game tonight! I know we'll win. *furrowed eyebrows* ... hopefully no lying pig dicked refs will be calling no goals on us... WHEN THE FUCKING GOALIE NEVER EVEN HAD POSSESSION. *pant* Go Buffalo!!!!!!

XMAS JOY has found its way into the JessieJoe household!! WOO! Closeup of my tree:

dorky snoflakes I made:

aromatic thingie I just made by sticking cloves into on orange, which is resting on a bed of orange peels:

look at my cute cute tiki fountain that just came:

THANK YOU s.m. for the bra and shirt! (the other shirt, and the thong you ordered were not in stock so.. I guess you'll be getting a credit):

thanks to the rad guy from flickr for this wonderful ed hardy swag for my walls, mmm, by the way thats not a poster, its like... a plaque ..awesome:

ancient armadillo found in chile! (omg its cute)

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