August 3, 2007

new video added to my 'vid store', (its instructional snottyness for moneyslaves) ;> ... tons of new pics uploaded to my cambang members section.

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Today I randomly thought of when I lived in delaware. I was in the house writing n singing a song, which was 'whore in a box' a really sickeningly exagerated expression of some really dirty submissive fantasies I have.. it really crosses the line, Id never do that stuff in real life. but... anyway I was in there singing it over n over again, and the teenage neighbors were all down in their yard listening to me. (we were living in a row house). Anyway I impressed them and turned them on greatly, and when I came downstairs they were singing my song and being all shy n cute. The little 16 year old girls were acting all trampy at me while their boyfriends tried to contain their boners. It was really fun living on that block, being the 'cool' older chick that all the kids wanted to be around. They came from near and far, and brought Joe and I offerings of booze and other treats. I remember once, we were all rolling, and Joe blasted DEADBOLT and SAMHAIN from the house and all the kids were like little zombified silly billys entranced by us and the music, with big innocent saucer eyes. Good times. Good audiance.

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