August 2, 2007

Alright gentlemen. I'll be online LIVE with streaming webcam through camcontacts all afternoon, starting in about an hour. I will also turn on my phone line if requested. (thats through niteflirt, you pay 3.99 a minute, as well as 3.99 a minute for the webcam. And only upper body nudity is allowed in the catagory my webcam is in, SO THERE!) You can call me by dialing: 1-800-TO-FLIRT extention# 01241219 (no phone sex, this is just to FLIRT, get it?) this is through niteflirt, and I've also got RECORDINGS you can pay by minute to listen to, on their site. They're mostly just recordings for filthy submissives, so the normal guy wouldnt be interested. I do however offer personal recordings for fifty bucks a pop, so email me if you want some *rar*.

look at my fuckin hot german friend Dennis! he needs to come online, the flirt. NOW NOW NOW. He's in bands and he's opening a hot clothing store thats gonna carry loungefly and lucky13 n crap. How come the super suavest people who could realllly hook me up with excellence are always half a globe away?


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