July 20, 2007

Well. I'm trashed. Beer n lortab cocktail. Nice.


Joe's at work until fucking midnight. Ugh. I was on cam and etc all day. Now I'm kicking back in the livingroom ...still drinking beer. Talking to my dog. Thrilling shit man!

You need to take your bum to my wishlist page. There you'll send me a cash, presents, and gift certificates. My current goal, as far as funding, is some season tickets to the predators. ;> Meow! Rar! Go fucking do it! I'm hot, youre male, play with your dick while you blow money on me and make me purr, babe. <3

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you just have to get stoned and drunk, go on the internet, and tell men you want cereal:

Go to my links page and click away.

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