July 22, 2007

So. Tonight I did a big long two n a half hour streaming webcam show on one of the sites I work on. Got out my hot tits n' ass and wiggled, too! I was scared to do one, because people on there are pretty cookie cutter, and I've always had the impression I didn't really 'fit in' you know? I got a pretty good reaction... people seemed to be down with me... but a bunch of 'em gave me some slightly bittersweet comments. Such as 'wow, ... I always had the impression you were a bitch, but you seem nice!' I was told I'm very forthright and that I'm a little 'scary'. I guess I am. People are pussys. I don't fuck around man. I say what I mean. I want others to say what they mean. I don't play these little baby games.

... and people being all surprised that my personal preferance when it comes to men are DOMINANT men. Uh, yea, duh, I own slaves, I work and play as a domme, but my boyfriend is DOMINANT. I am his BITCH. I like to be slapped around by the COCK. Why is that surprising? They told me I come off as assertive and aggressive n' all this crap. What the fuck has that got to do with anything... yea... Im a bad ass... Im a hardcore mofo... but so what?

I'm fuckin girly. My mannerisms are girly. I'm a femmey fuckin bitch. I have pretty hair and I wear make up n cute clothes and I have boobies and ass that I like to shake. All the swearing I do is in a pretty little girlie voice. I love to suck cock. I love to be fucked. The happiest moments of my life are when I'm taking dick, and being told I'm a 'good girl' for it. I love to be told what to do, by my boyfriend. I'm a girlie girl. How can people not realize this? GOD DAMMIT!

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