July 3, 2007

kkivett2002: sup
jessiekittycom: im laying on my couch half dead because Ive been flipping the fuck out dancing to blood for blood for the last three hours
jessiekittycom: im drenched in sweat hate and anger
jessiekittycom: and I want to hurt people
jessiekittycom: and seek revenge
kkivett2002: so its a normal tuesday for you so far--lol
jessiekittycom: yep

...I was having some major emotional problems... so I took to the dancin'. I took pictures during it all... theyre pretty scary. I'm going to post them anyway, just to make people uncomfortable. I'll come back and 'update' this post with some, and link to the rest which'll be in my flickr album.

When I couldnt dance anymore, before I came and sat down here, I went and rubbed my revolting sweat all over joe in his sleep and he shrivelled away in disgust yelling ew. *nod*

here's the update***** link: flickr album



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