January 1, 2005

happy new years? mmm yea. ...Ive got three bottles of champagne in my fridge to take care of, poor me *smile* I wish I was drinking it with Sandra Bernhard.

I finally got the movie 'dodgeball' ...KICKS ASS, in honor of it I'm now watching 'the ben stiller show' in its entirety on dvd. woohoo!

You know what I need to mention....the movie "The PuppetMaster vs Demonic Toys" .....its got the sleazey haggy lovely Corey Feldman (who I like for some sick dirty reason) as the lead...and its like so hastily put together and fucked up and shitty...its RAD. RAD...yes. See it. Remember when Corey Feldman was like obsessed with dressing like Michael Jackson? Ahahahaha. AHHH. *smile*

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Sandra got hawt?