January 2, 2005

Demented Are Go

I need EVERYTHING @ Lucky13Apparel.com (hint hint, get me ANYTHING from the womens section (in sz L if applicable) and send it to my po box :D) ...another cool site = CoolGrrrls.com (though I hate that whole 'gRRRl' thing)

hahaha omg I just found a money domination site belonging to this ugly gross bitch who's on a couple cam sites I chill at, and her photo gallery is completely fake! There's all these pics of her fat head, grossss mouth, and badly captured legs n shoes right...but then she mixes is all these body shots of skinny chicks with the heads cut off. *BIG LOUD SNICKER* ...get real bitch, someone would have to be half blind to buy that bull. Don't you find it degrading to hate your own body so much you feel you have to try to trick people? ;>

speaking of pics, mine are all real, and I've added some new ones to yafro *smooch*

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

people can usually tell, so she is just making herself look stupid