April 10, 2009

My van died. I don't have a four wheeled vehicle anymore. It's now just me and my moped! ... I'm kind of excited, really. I'm actually going to end up saving TONS of money, since you don't have to have insurance on a moped, and the registration is just 17 bucks a year (after the initial 180 I paid a few days ago). That and the fact that it gets 80 miles to the gallon. So. Yea. I'm super euro now! *moped mofo*... I love my vespa style scooter sooo much. It's silver, and it's sexy, and YAY!


There are some issues though.... like now I can't take all my laundry to the laundromat, I'll have to do it in the icky creepy laundry room in my complex. And now I can't do normal grocery shopping trips unless I take a cab, and I am not into cabs. Especially considering how over priced they are around here...hm.

I will now have a FOOOOD amazon wishlist, so you people can send me heavy shit that I can't cart around ;> I'm also setting up a 'sanrio' amazon list, and a 'humiliation' list for the dipshit submissives... righteous. Linkage:

My Amazon Wishlist
(this is my 'main' amazon wishlist, full of all the hot shit I'm dying to own)

My Food Wishlist
(an amazon wishlist full of wolfgang puck, japanese treats, and soy crisps. buy them for me now! so I don't have to make twenty trips with my moped...)

My Sanrio Wishlist
(an amazon wishlist full of all the hello kitty type crap that I adore!)

There. Excellent. Bookmark each of those lists, it's where you'll be spending all your spare dough, from now on. :D

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