December 21, 2008

my tree this year:

did you know Little Richard was born on christmas day, 1932? Isn't that gorgeous? He's such a gift! *haha* ;) Also, Alabama was the first state to declare christmas a legal holiday. 1836, my friend.

surely you realize it's your duty to go to my amazon wishlist and hook me up with some gifts. My address and color and sizing info for everything is already filled in. You just click and buy, and a few days later my ups man delivers it into my hot little hands. And then I take pics. Fun for all!

also delicious is receiving gift certificates!!!! ( address them to )

so... Leons visit was spectacular. We hit downtown nashville HARD, several times. I'm fucking loving this city so much right now..... we partied so hard I ended up sick with a cold! (thats ok, I've been getting off on my cold medication :D) ... I'm feeling better now. Hence my blog posting.

I'm currently lounging on my couch, with the cable radio station set to 'traditional christmas music'. Dean Martin is so sharp! I remember when I was a little rockstar in choir I loved singing 'carol of the bells' every year.

Here's some choice pics n' stuff of our partying:

you can see more here

awwww look how good all my lil brats are getting along with our newest addition, Baby the pitbull:

she's so cute.

and so is Joe... ;>

wanna see some newer pictures of my apartment? of course you do....

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