September 2, 2008

I like having deep conversations with cool french guys who buy me presents and spoil me. ....please keep in mind that I have lots of interest and respect for ancient alchemy and spirituality, I only mention it with scorn, here, because the fuckin evil illuminate use it for badness. Also, I realize there are many wonderful people who have, and are trying TO immigrate here, for their own reasons... but when I mention it bitchilly here, Im referring to the fact that the evil NewWorldOrder are purposely spilling in horrible gutter trash into our country, and then using the taxes we pay to take care of them, to further pollute and destroy our society so we have even less of a chance of unifying against the fuckin sickening wanna be alien evil of the secret rulers of this planet.... mmk? now, if youre STUPID, dont bother reading this. This is only for smart people who arent brainwashed:

JessieKitty (9/2/2008 10:07:57 AM): Im angry about my disgusting government
Ionescu (9/2/2008 10:08:02 AM): I have some american friends who told me a lot about it
JessieKitty (9/2/2008 10:08:02 AM): illuminate new world order SCUM
Ionescu (9/2/2008 10:08:12 AM): SCUM ?
JessieKitty (9/2/2008 10:08:17 AM): scum = garbage, filth
Ionescu (9/2/2008 10:08:22 AM): oh ok
Ionescu (9/2/2008 10:08:27 AM): you re right
JessieKitty (9/2/2008 10:08:34 AM): I speak some spanish because I grew up in california
Ionescu (9/2/2008 10:08:34 AM): I understand that you re angry
Ionescu (9/2/2008 10:08:38 AM): ok
JessieKitty (9/2/2008 10:08:42 AM): and because its standard for us to take it in school
JessieKitty (9/2/2008 10:08:43 AM): also
JessieKitty (9/2/2008 10:08:44 AM): now
JessieKitty (9/2/2008 10:09:02 AM): our country is being infested by criminalistic illegal aliens from mexico
JessieKitty (9/2/2008 10:09:09 AM): and the stupid disgusting moron government is catering to them
Ionescu (9/2/2008 10:09:12 AM): ok...
JessieKitty (9/2/2008 10:09:14 AM): everything is in english AND spanish here now
JessieKitty (9/2/2008 10:09:16 AM): signs and things
Ionescu (9/2/2008 10:09:20 AM): I know
JessieKitty (9/2/2008 10:09:30 AM): a mexican tried to break into my apartment last month.
JessieKitty (9/2/2008 10:09:34 AM): he was drunk out of his mind
Ionescu (9/2/2008 10:09:44 AM): weird
JessieKitty (9/2/2008 10:09:47 AM): very
Ionescu (9/2/2008 10:09:48 AM): and hiddeous
JessieKitty (9/2/2008 10:09:51 AM): yes...
JessieKitty (9/2/2008 10:09:53 AM): *vomit*
JessieKitty (9/2/2008 10:09:54 AM): haha
Ionescu (9/2/2008 10:10:18 AM): your government is really a big shit
JessieKitty (9/2/2008 10:10:23 AM): yes
JessieKitty (9/2/2008 10:10:27 AM): they are making our lives hell, here.
JessieKitty (9/2/2008 10:10:46 AM): Im so fucking angry.
Ionescu (9/2/2008 10:10:48 AM): do you see your life as hell ?
Ionescu (9/2/2008 10:10:57 AM): I understand that you re angry
JessieKitty (9/2/2008 10:10:58 AM): I see myself being supressed.
JessieKitty (9/2/2008 10:11:10 AM): I see them trying to control the minds through the tactics they use in mass media
JessieKitty (9/2/2008 10:11:14 AM): everyone is a moron
JessieKitty (9/2/2008 10:11:18 AM): no one realizes that everything is fake
JessieKitty (9/2/2008 10:11:20 AM): the elections are fake
JessieKitty (9/2/2008 10:11:30 AM): theyre fucking nazis and they have all the stupid citizens hypnotized
JessieKitty (9/2/2008 10:11:34 AM): except for smart ones like me
JessieKitty (9/2/2008 10:11:41 AM): who are persecuted for saying the truth
Ionescu (9/2/2008 10:11:46 AM): that s great
Ionescu (9/2/2008 10:11:50 AM): I love what you think
JessieKitty (9/2/2008 10:12:00 AM): theyre also dirty fucking occultists
JessieKitty (9/2/2008 10:12:02 AM): you know that right
JessieKitty (9/2/2008 10:12:07 AM): they dabble in dark things
Ionescu (9/2/2008 10:12:11 AM): and there are only a few americans thinking like you
JessieKitty (9/2/2008 10:12:14 AM): their sick secret societies of perverts
Ionescu (9/2/2008 10:12:25 AM): I thought they all were living in Europe
JessieKitty (9/2/2008 10:12:30 AM): the government kills and jails people who say these things in public
JessieKitty (9/2/2008 10:12:37 AM): Im too poor to move.
Ionescu (9/2/2008 10:12:45 AM): oh really ?
JessieKitty (9/2/2008 10:12:47 AM): also, I have no family
JessieKitty (9/2/2008 10:12:48 AM): yes
JessieKitty (9/2/2008 10:12:55 AM): Im not poor so that I dont live a good life....
Ionescu (9/2/2008 10:12:56 AM): but you are in a book...
JessieKitty (9/2/2008 10:12:58 AM): but Im too poor to move...
Ionescu (9/2/2008 10:13:07 AM): ok...
JessieKitty (9/2/2008 10:13:09 AM): Ive never claimed to be rich
JessieKitty (9/2/2008 10:13:13 AM): have you read my biography on my site?
Ionescu (9/2/2008 10:13:17 AM): yes
JessieKitty (9/2/2008 10:13:18 AM): I lived on the street when I was a teenager
Ionescu (9/2/2008 10:13:22 AM): I know
JessieKitty (9/2/2008 10:13:23 AM): I dont lie and say Im rich
Ionescu (9/2/2008 10:13:32 AM): you don t
JessieKitty (9/2/2008 10:13:38 AM): and yes
JessieKitty (9/2/2008 10:13:43 AM): you know william s burroughs
JessieKitty (9/2/2008 10:13:47 AM): he didnt commit suicide
Ionescu (9/2/2008 10:13:49 AM): Iknow
JessieKitty (9/2/2008 10:13:49 AM): he was murdered
Ionescu (9/2/2008 10:13:54 AM): you think so ?
JessieKitty (9/2/2008 10:13:57 AM): he was trying to expose government crimes
JessieKitty (9/2/2008 10:13:58 AM): its a known fact
JessieKitty (9/2/2008 10:14:01 AM): before he was found dead
JessieKitty (9/2/2008 10:14:07 AM): he TOLD people, 'theyre trying to kill me'
JessieKitty (9/2/2008 10:14:09 AM): he TOLD people
Ionescu (9/2/2008 10:14:11 AM): ok... it was a fact I didn t know
JessieKitty (9/2/2008 10:14:16 AM): 'I will never commit suicide'
Ionescu (9/2/2008 10:14:28 AM): I have to llok for informations about it
JessieKitty (9/2/2008 10:14:30 AM): they do this all of the time, all of the time important people who were anti government all of a sudden 'commit suicide'
JessieKitty (9/2/2008 10:14:32 AM): its a lie
Ionescu (9/2/2008 10:14:33 AM): it s really interesting
JessieKitty (9/2/2008 10:14:37 AM): go to
Ionescu (9/2/2008 10:14:43 AM): thanks a lot
JessieKitty (9/2/2008 10:14:50 AM): its an upsetting subject
JessieKitty (9/2/2008 10:14:56 AM): I have no power to do anything about the sick things that are going on
JessieKitty (9/2/2008 10:14:59 AM): and I am stuck here living in it
JessieKitty (9/2/2008 10:15:04 AM): I try not to think about it a lot of the time
JessieKitty (9/2/2008 10:15:08 AM): even though thats what they want
Ionescu (9/2/2008 10:15:22 AM): of course that s what they want
JessieKitty (9/2/2008 10:15:38 AM): if I think about it too much I feel like Im having a heart attack
JessieKitty (9/2/2008 10:15:45 AM): its like Im living in a fucking pig yard in hell
Ionescu (9/2/2008 10:15:45 AM): the american government is using mass propaganda to wash your brains
JessieKitty (9/2/2008 10:15:54 AM): and Im one of the pigs that theyre fucking roasting and laughing at and eating
JessieKitty (9/2/2008 10:16:01 AM): fucking satanic disgusting fucking freaks
Ionescu (9/2/2008 10:16:07 AM): ...
Ionescu (9/2/2008 10:16:10 AM): God...
JessieKitty (9/2/2008 10:16:29 AM): you know that the secret societies
JessieKitty (9/2/2008 10:16:34 AM): that have existed since history has been recorded
JessieKitty (9/2/2008 10:16:39 AM): have kept hidden a bunch of spiritual knowledge
JessieKitty (9/2/2008 10:16:52 AM): they use ancient fuckin alchemy and mystisism to rule the world
JessieKitty (9/2/2008 10:16:54 AM): not only in america
Ionescu (9/2/2008 10:16:58 AM): I know
JessieKitty (9/2/2008 10:16:58 AM): all the countries are linked in it, almost
JessieKitty (9/2/2008 10:17:03 AM): its fucking sick man!!!!!
Ionescu (9/2/2008 10:17:16 AM): fucking sick...
Ionescu (9/2/2008 10:17:21 AM): what can we do ?
JessieKitty (9/2/2008 10:17:26 AM): I dont know.
JessieKitty (9/2/2008 10:17:28 AM): and by the way
JessieKitty (9/2/2008 10:17:35 AM): there are a LOT of americans who know this, and feel this way
JessieKitty (9/2/2008 10:17:44 AM): they pretend that americans love america
Ionescu (9/2/2008 10:17:44 AM): ok...
JessieKitty (9/2/2008 10:17:45 AM): its not true
JessieKitty (9/2/2008 10:17:46 AM): no one does
Ionescu (9/2/2008 10:17:57 AM): I think that some do...
JessieKitty (9/2/2008 10:17:58 AM): everyone is angry
JessieKitty (9/2/2008 10:18:03 AM): only very very dumb ones
JessieKitty (9/2/2008 10:18:08 AM): who are ENJOYING their bliss in ignorance
JessieKitty (9/2/2008 10:18:10 AM): thats rare
JessieKitty (9/2/2008 10:18:14 AM): most people know how awful shit is
JessieKitty (9/2/2008 10:18:18 AM): even if theyre not outwardly admitting it
JessieKitty (9/2/2008 10:18:22 AM): people are fucking miserable here
JessieKitty (9/2/2008 10:18:25 AM): they hurt eachother alot
JessieKitty (9/2/2008 10:18:32 AM): I mean, no one is nice to eachother, because life sucks so much
Ionescu (9/2/2008 10:18:42 AM): ok...
Ionescu (9/2/2008 10:18:50 AM): nice picture of your country...
JessieKitty (9/2/2008 10:18:51 AM): in the media, they portray it as 'cool' to be rude and uncaring towards other people
Ionescu (9/2/2008 10:19:07 AM): that s not cool
JessieKitty (9/2/2008 10:19:10 AM): theyre trying to train us to have no feelings for eachother
JessieKitty (9/2/2008 10:19:14 AM): they dont want us to protect eachother
JessieKitty (9/2/2008 10:19:31 AM): they also play propoganda commercials telling children to turn their parents in to the police if theyre doing anything illegal
JessieKitty (9/2/2008 10:19:36 AM): they are using exact nazi tactics.
Ionescu (9/2/2008 10:19:43 AM): they are
Ionescu (9/2/2008 10:19:46 AM): I agree
Ionescu (9/2/2008 10:19:48 AM): you re right
Ionescu (9/2/2008 10:20:43 AM): I know
JessieKitty (9/2/2008 10:20:47 AM): obama... psh... no one even realizes that his middle name is hussein
JessieKitty (9/2/2008 10:20:58 AM): how can they not see whats right in front of them? trained to be so lazy
JessieKitty (9/2/2008 10:21:01 AM): I cant even comprehend it
Ionescu (9/2/2008 10:21:06 AM): neither me
JessieKitty (9/2/2008 10:21:08 AM): ok
JessieKitty (9/2/2008 10:21:10 AM): Ill stop ranting now
Ionescu (9/2/2008 10:21:30 AM): but in fact you have too choose between two fucking bastards
JessieKitty (9/2/2008 10:21:39 AM): I dont vote.
JessieKitty (9/2/2008 10:21:42 AM): its idiocy
Ionescu (9/2/2008 10:21:45 AM): ok
JessieKitty (9/2/2008 10:21:48 AM): the only thing they REALLY use voting for
JessieKitty (9/2/2008 10:21:50 AM): is to track us
JessieKitty (9/2/2008 10:21:54 AM): the votes mean nothing
JessieKitty (9/2/2008 10:22:01 AM): they just carry out their own private plans, everything is a facade, things are manipulated to go along with their goals.
Ionescu (9/2/2008 10:22:08 AM): ok
JessieKitty (9/2/2008 10:23:04 AM): the reason I say life is hell
is because like
the laws first of all
you have to be afraid
even yuppies get abused now
they jail you for bullshit
the cops beat you up
the cops tazer you
multiple people have died in the last year
from cops tazering them
and the people werent even committing serious crimes
theres no good health care
the only people who get any monetary help from the government are dumb trashy low class breeders
no good honest people can get any fucking help
Ionescu (9/2/2008 10:22:08 AM): you re totally right
JessieKitty (9/2/2008 10:24:20 AM): I mean if you look at it like
from the perspective of a fairy tail
american is a place with a dark shadow cast over it, and all living there are cursed with negativity and fucking unhappyness
being ruled by fucking dark lords
from hell.
Ionescu (9/2/2008 10:25:06 AM): ok...
JessieKitty (9/2/2008 10:25:10 AM): ok now Im really done
Ionescu (9/2/2008 10:25:11 AM): what a sad picture
Ionescu (9/2/2008 10:25:14 AM): ok
Ionescu (9/2/2008 10:25:42 AM): you re really depressing me...
JessieKitty (9/2/2008 10:25:51 AM): hey, reality isnt pretty lately
Ionescu (9/2/2008 10:26:05 AM): I know
Ionescu (9/2/2008 10:26:25 AM): and I know you re right
JessieKitty (9/2/2008 10:28:17 AM): viva la resistance!!!!
Ionescu (9/2/2008 10:30:22 AM): vive la résistance

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