August 1, 2008

Even more new auctions posted! I am absolutely loving that. Being creative and having fun making these fucked up auctions, and then watching all the dudes get turned on, and start getting competitive with each other trying to win. Watching the price rise and rise to the hundreds. Then the winner just ends up paying me even more during the naughty transaction that the auction was for.

I love it. When I'm 'doing' a dude, and sucking money out of him, and making him my little toy... it's just... so fun. They're starstuck and TOO turned on, their own beam of light is riding high... When I start REALLY using him, and large amounts of money and gifts and obedience and... WORSHIP is being given to me, I start REALLY getting off on it. A smirk turns into a smile, which turns into baring my teeth in a deranged predatory sneer. I start talking faster and faster, and the POWER being run through me feels like a battery charging. I really really like that feeling, of some idiot giving themselves to me, both of us knowing I'm gonna throw his dumbass away the second he irritates me, or runs out of money. They love how hard I suck them. Heheheh. I love to feel like a succubus. It could be dangerous to be applauded for victimizing people. Hmmmm... *mutter* I love it.

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