July 8, 2008

I had a mucho insane fourth of july weekend....especially considering we hadnt smoked cigarettes or drank alcohol for about three months prior... AND hadn't eaten meat for about a month and a half.

We started by drinking margaritas, lounging by our pool.... by the end of the weekend, we were wildly drunk in an awesome darkly lit mexican place where no one spoke english. We drank modello, ate ROASTED GOAT, and I SALSA danced the night away to the awesome live band who appreciated our uproariousness and came to chat with us afterwards. Language barriers can be so thrilling sometimes. It was absolutely fucking amazing. I can't believe I ate goat... it tasted like lamb. Kind of tasted like greek. This girl who was dancing with me was teaching me all these moves, she was 'leading' I guess, because she kept spinning me around and all her friends were watching and cheering as she bent me over like she was gonna hump me doggie style. Heheheh! Each time I spun in the direction of the bar I looked at Joe's grinning face for encouragement. <3 <3 <3

Im so pumped about all the fun we had... but I'm ready to go another three months without booze or cigs or meat now... I'll just be a happy little vegetarian pothead until the next time I'm struck by the mood for naughty ACTION. ;>

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