June 30, 2008

I've been posting AMAZING fucking auctions on ebanned!!! ...the latest one is sooo awesome, I JUST posted it, its dutch, and its about ME controlling your COCK for a week... with personalized voice clips! Remember, I offer direct sales, and take requests for auctions you want me to post. Just email me about it ;>

And oh my fucking god, I'm excited!!!! The exterminators just came for the summertime spray check, and they happened to be hockey fans. They saw our sabres flag on the wall and started talking about hockey with us... and then let us know about this AWESOME fucking place, the Sportsplex downtown!!! *eeeee*

They have adult hockey leagues! Joe can play, and I can cheer. They have olympic sized swimming pools, regular ice skating, tennis, and workout rooms. WE HAVE GOT TO JOIN!!!!! It's 160 dollars per person, for six months. Who's gonna hook us up? We need 320! (We don't like paying for things with our own money, it feels wrong.) It is YOUR responsability to get us our memberships! haha! rawr. This is my new goal. I wont shut up about it until someone spoils us! We're going to need skates too... and I probably shouldn't be wearing tiny bikinis in there, so Im going to need new swimming clothes as well.

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