June 26, 2008

Ok... I know it's total bullshit cuntery to post what I'm about to say, and I doubt the average person is interested, but for you pricky weird gigglers, I have got to vent. ... I'm so fucking sick of nasty ugly bitches on some of the websites I broadcast on. There's this one dumpy plain ho who posts really xxx pics of herself. ... she has LONG LONG hair all over her thighs and ass. I mean... the inner part and the cheeks...nowhere near her vajayjay. Long nasty hair with horrible blemishes peppered around in it. Why? Why post that? That should be reserved for special fetish websites where fans of ... that... gather. It should not be shoved in the face of the clean honest citizen trying to look at some normal hanky panky. Does she not realize her own disgustingness, because of nasty ugly pervs who hit on her gross fat ass? (she is also unfortunate in the 'small tiny tits looking misshapen on a chubby person' sense).

The bitch is ugly in ever sense of the word. Her face, her body, her hygiene, her style. We all have our faults, I'm a dick for saying snotty shit about this... but really... why the fuck is she doing it? She puts on this 'im a pretty princess' act, so it can't be that she's into humiliating herself.... I guess she's just living in a dream world, and people are aiding her in that for their own twisted reasons. It's all very disturbing.

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