June 5, 2008

My New Passion: The Beach!

For the past few days, Joe and I have been swimming and sunning all day long. Yesterday, we bought a season membership to this camping / picnicking / swimming club, on a GLORIOUS lake (I dont want to name names, since I'm there every day). Theres a man made beach with a long long sand belt, outdoor grilling thingies, public restrooms, camp grounds, ...you can rent boats..etc etc etc. It's the best decision I've ever made!!!

I'm feeling soooo happy, even though my nose is all pink from the sun ;>

You need to go to my amazon wishlist and get me more beach gear, and bikinis and shit. If all the beach stuff is already purchased (Im gonna be pumping this hard), then just get me more housewares and summer clothes ;>

..and awesome music....

here's the shit I want:

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