June 16, 2008

I've uploaded several new photosets to my pic store! Also new videos, and new content in my V.I.P. Club!


I'm auctioning off some crazy shit on ebanned right now... you should bid ;>

In other JessieKitty news.... we've been spending almost all our time laying out at the beach, and we've been eating insanely healthy. Vegetarian, actually vegan, half of the time. We haven't drank alcohol in over fifty days, and we haven't eaten meat in... a few weeks, I guess it is now. Obviously we've been smoking lots of savory herbs....

While chilling at the lake, I was going back and forth between reading a nancy drew mystery, and this amazing book Joe got, called 'The Secret Teachings of All Ages' by Manly P. Hall ...it is soooo fucking righteous! Today I was reading an entry called 'Solar Color' ... it was talking about how there are actually more than three prime colors, and then it got into vibrations and sound responses and waves to and of color. It totally made me think of that David Bowie song 'sound and vision' ... 'blue blue electic blue...'. That book also lists all of the PROOF that almost every story in the bible is copied from a more ancient religion. *sigh* Why is the obvious such a mystery to some? Either way, it's all delicious and SO enjoyable... everything we've been doing. Oh... I read about alchemy too. I've got this to say. FUCK YOU ISIS!


It's so exciting, feeling yourself change. Not having the urge to eat junk anymore... not feeling guilty about eating animals that were likely abused, and at the least pumped full of gross shit you shouldn't be eating... It's very fucking sexy to specifically be proud of what you're eating.. and what you're DOING period, I guess. Joe and I have been listening to MDC and getting very egotistical about our choices. We're so fucking awesome.

Speaking of my righteousness, I've got some new exhibits of perverted mongrels sacrificing themselves to me.... *smile*




..more insanity having to do with my adventures in pervert land can be found in my forum. Enter at your own risk.

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