May 2, 2008

Lots of delicious photo sets have been added to my pic store! Go buy.

Also, new VIDEOS for sale. Meow!

hahahah look at the gif I made to represent this small dick humiliation thing I did, I used props :D


here's some pics from the past week, woo:

04-25-2008 12-38-5904-25-2008 12-53-1804-25-2008 13-03-1004-25-2008 13-05-25
04-26-2008 14-02-5404-26-2008 13-58-4304-26-2008 14-08-0004-26-2008 14-13-0404-26-2008 14-13-2304-26-2008 14-10-22
04-27-2008 10-52-3204-27-2008 10-53-38
04-27-2008 10-58-1904-27-2008 14-56-37


did some freak shit with this weirdy, including asphyxiation and hanging from your dick stuff...:


and as always:


check that shit out in my forum. Hahaha!

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