May 1, 2008



they need to stop. fucking stop. ...they need to stop because its GROSS, they need to stop trying to send whatever little sick subconcious message theyre attempting, and they need to stop because they're giving people nightmares, and causing limp dicks the world round.

maybe my opinion will change when Im over the hill, but at this point, I have huge huge issues with the older woman, younger man scenario. It's just wrong.

Fuck you Madonna. You are repulsive. ...I want to throw lye on her. Disintegrate!

gross old hag

In this picture, iggy pop is huffing his armpit stench in an attempt to blur his vision and distort his hearing, so he can pretend that his induction to the rock and roll hall of fame wasn't tainted by the filth that is Madonna paired with Justin Timberlake.


She looks like the female gremlin, with g.i. joe arms stuck on.

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