March 6, 2008

(this pic is from my phone, when we were chilling on the stoop the other day)

As I mentioned in my voice blog, I am STILL recovering from my day out, on tuesday. (I went out drinking and socializing all by my lil lonesome, and ended up talking to lots of fun people, but drinking way too many vodka crans hah). I feel the need to confess it, because people who're subscribed to my 24/7 house cams are probably wondering why Ive been laying on my ass for the last day and a half ;>

000_6943 000_6942

punk porn

I've added TONS of hot shit to all of my amazon wishlists. Shop for me now! Spoil this fucking brat RAWR ;>

my main most important amazon wishlist

specialty lists:
Foot Fetish
Designer Clothes

read up in my wishlist blog

you need to go dig my my forum, there is MUCH interesting stuff going on in there, first off some GREAT deep conversations in the normal area:

second of all, some GREAT hilarious crap with my pay pig slave sluts, laugh at their pitifulness!:



haha, I laugh at tiny dicks. Then I barf.


the manicure/pedicure I was bragging about:

p.s. vids and pic sets in my stores and vip club! Im too lazy to get the links, so f u.

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