March 1, 2008


Excellentness. Joe and I got up really early, deep cleaned the entire house and did allll the laundry...

then the celebration began! we've been partying, having a great time, cooking roast and leeks, exchanging lil presents, and listening to awesomeness on RADIO RFT (celtic music with a twist). It's fucking lovely, they're playing Here Be Dragons, who we're great fans of, and earlier I got all schwizzled when they played that rowan tree song that I love to toot on my whistle. The guy running the show kicks ass and Im talking to him on myspace. Im special! He just gave me a shout out on the broadcast! Jessie in Nashville, yea bitches!

We're drinking this yummy fucking wine, named for a REAL rooster, '47 Pound Rooster' - the roosters actual name was rex goliath and thats just HOT. It's a very olivey bitter green bouquet. Yum. I'm taking tons of pics, and taking vids with my phone. I'll post them later!

add RadioRFT on myspace

add Here Be Dragons on myspace

Oh... I left a new message on my voice blog, btw.


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