February 13, 2008

the righteousness that is sweetjunkie.com came through with their bit of free swag! I mentioned them in my blog awhile ago and they sent me some gratitude:


yes, that's my website address written on one of their famous 'message mice'!


now everyone go blow lots of money on candy at their site, it's what Im doing right now! So far I plan on getting some 'penny candy'... I dont know what these Edinburgh Rock candies are, but it'd make a fuckin righteous song title, hmm? *update: awww mannnn they dont sell to the usa! Son of a cunt! I'm emailing them!

and yay, these packages came too. hurray for retro candy.. I love it when men blow their money on me, I'm a GOLDDIGGER haha:
vgifts 000_6582

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