February 1, 2008

omfg! sweetjunkie.com just emailed me thanking me for the honorable mention in this here blog, and now they're gonna send me a free message mouse! Heheheh, rock! You should buy candy from them now. Yes yes yes.

On a less happy note, the fucking stupid worthless mongrels who live above me were just showering, I could hear their shower, and all of a sudden water started pouring down the vent all over my bathroom. The maintenance dude for my apartment told me they live like pigs up there (illegal aliens) and they'll have ten people in that one bedroom apartment, with a plugged toilet, stopped up sink, and no shower curtain. And they have basins of water just sitting on the floor to wash their revolting babies in. Someone needs to deport their asses, because I constantly deal with problems due to their lack of civilization and decency and i.q. ....I'm so fucking angry right now. I just called the office and no one was there, so I had to leave a message fucking standing there watching water pour all over my bathroom floor and toilet and sink. I'm enraged. I'm going to fucking puke.

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