January 20, 2008

check out my listing on adultwork:

just uploaded some new fetish vids to my store, and members section! woo.

The righteousness that is Batmobile sent me some free t shirts, because I'm suave. (I was drunk and spazzy when I took these pics, oi...I was thinking all kinds of trashy thoughts, like a daddy daughter gang bang scenario, with batmobile. yea, it was cool.)

01-19-2008 17-11-2301-19-2008 17-17-31
01-19-2008 17-17-2401-19-2008 17-18-23
01-19-2008 17-20-2501-19-2008 17-21-06
01-19-2008 17-24-1101-19-2008 17-24-29

So. I have this new CBT slave. He's cool. He's not a gross old man! Heheh. You can read about him lots in my forum. Check out what he made me this morning:


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