December 4, 2007

*sigh* ... I've been procrastinating so hardcore, with this blog. I've been busy sucking cock and guzzling booze. I'll make up for it by diving right into some traditional JessieKitty skankyness:

the other night, when me and Joe were drunk as usual, dancing in our kitchen listening to LosGatosLocos and BloodforBlood, we ran out of toilet paper cause I was pissing my twat off. It was dark out, and we were plastered and unable to drive to get more, so I started whining and making a big scene out of it. Joe told me I should just use one of our bath towels. He said he'd use it after his shower the next day, and hopefully he'd get whiffs of my lovely pee all day while he was at work.

I love being a nasty filthy pervert. Me and him havent done any naughty pee stuff in awhile. He's asleep on the bed right now. Maybe I should wake him up by peeing on his face. He'd be grateful. Seriously.

Speaking of being trash, I've been feeling in the mood to get more XXX with my sites. Therefor I've uploaded lots of dirty new content to my members section. Join. Now.

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