November 23, 2007

thanksgiving was absolutely perfect. other than me being very sick with an evil cold. we started by sleeping in and being all cuddley and sexy with eachother. We got up and turned on the Macys T Day Parade, and smizzy smoked a lil somethin' somethin'. Joe ran out and picked up a few things while I showered, and when he got back we cleaned up the house, and then poured our drinks at the bar. Joe made a yummy cracker cheese meat and veggie tray and we started the piggishness. *smile* Our TDAY movie marathon began, and we watched Trading Places, Dutch, Home Alone, etc etc etc. We drank allll day while Joe cooked deliciousness. He made EVERYTHING. Home made. Bird, stuffing, sweet potatoes w/ marshmellows, leeks and celery, potatoes, blah blah blah. He's such a good cook, it's crazyness. I carried Vincent around in my over the shoulder doggie front pack, and the cats were roaming around the kitchen being loud bitches in anticipation of the bird. Right before din din we had a lovely fuck, and then fell asleep in front of our plates. We barely even ate anything... and we forgot completely about our PIE dammit! It was grand. *happy sigh*











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