November 9, 2007

So. I went to the bank to make a deposit, and I found out my account had been closed. Grr. (I opened an account right when I moved here, and then kind of ignored it and continued to use my old bank through the mail, and blah blah blah I waited too long and the account got closed). Anyway. I thought I was just running in and running out to make a deposit. I ended up having to open a new account, you know, go back in one of those little cubicles with a banking associate.

I really really really wish I would have been dressed to impress, instead of wearing a sleeveless t shirt and BAGGY jeans (oh the horror). 'Cause the chickie who I sat down with was a realllly attractive light skinned middle eastern girl, annnnd SHEEE is from California originally too! And she just moved to Nashville too. Hm! We had a really good time making fun of the people in TN, blabbing about how slow they move and think, and how theres tons of wack illegal aliens here, and there's no sidewalks in the business district. We talked for like an hour, it was cool. And right in the middle of our convo, she exclaimed 'omg you talk just like me, we talk all bubblehead cause we're california girls! At least thats what my boyfriend says.' ...well clearly, I was pleased as punch at that.. and Joe was sitting there with us and he went on a little spiel about how the hottest girlies in the world all come from california and blah blah blah it was a lovely banking experience. The best ever. Again though, I totally wish I'd have been wearing hot clothes. Hmph.

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thanks for the creepers!

TheSmokingGun got ahold of David Bowie's mugshot from '76. It was weed posession, hehe! He's sooooooo attractive! Thank you MK from DLISTED.COM, for posting it.


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