October 1, 2007

I feel a big ZOMBIE phase coming on. Buy me zombie movies from my amazon wishlsit! ..I'm watching some shit 'on demand' right now, some fearnet original movie (about zombies, duh). It's excellent. I'm also drinking wine, mmmmm white! White is right! Joe's home with me. He almost got robbed the other night at work, so he's holding out for day shifts. I must say I enjoy him being home to fuck around with. Yesterday was lovely, I have tons of pics from the last two weeks in general, if you wanna see em, join my members section, cause I'll be uploading them soon. (You'll also find a few here in my blog ;>)

Look at my fucking excellent swedish dude Jim. Cause he's the shit.

We're currently waiting for the big Rugby game at 4. USA vs South Africa. *cheer* Fuck yea! Our NHL center ice package started on saturday.. I wish more games would hurry up n' happen. We're on the verge of buying a big flat screen tv for the hockey parties we're planning. Fuck yea WOO! I can't wait until I have a nice hefty group of pals in Nashville to invite over. I'm so all about theme parties, I'll motherfuckin buy a bunch of shit at party planner stores n' shit. Lots of booze, food, smokey smoke, and decorations. And music and movies and sports. *swoon* I'm always the belle of the ball! Tiki party for xmas! I miss my Ben and Jordan. *pout* ..so far all the pals Ive made at local bars n' etc aren't BRING HOME type of people heheh. I need to hit up the queer joints to find REALLY good buddies. We chilled at a local pub with one of Joe's cute coworkers, Brady, the other day. Excellent.

The stupid fucking slutty whore crossdressing cock sucking DUTCH SLUT came crawling back a few days ago... Im hoping some of my new shit (from him, her, it) will arrive today. Me and Joe are friends with our awesome UPS guy so it's always fun. Hm.


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