August 18, 2007

*sigh* Im feeling better. ;> We had some crazy people over last night, drinking and loudness, fun fun fun! I was blasting the drifters at top volume around two am or something. Good thing everyone else in this building is stupid and loud. WOO!

I posted a new yucky fetish video in my clip store...another one for the foot freaks. I'll be uploading more pics to my image store soon too. Here's some samples from a set already uploaded there:

08-06-2007 18-32-5308-06-2007 18-36-32
08-06-2007 18-39-1808-06-2007 18-40-10
08-06-2007 18-49-3808-06-2007 18-53-50
08-06-2007 18-54-4308-06-2007 18-58-34

if you dig my pics, and you wanna show me gratitude, go buy me stuff from my amazon wishlist, my shipping address is already filled in, and your info is hidden from me ;>

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