August 12, 2007

Me and Joe are laying on the futon watching a craaazy Howie Mandel / Christopher Loyyd movie called 'walk like a man' ...insanity. Im laying on my tummy, and Im in my undies, and Joe keeps biting my butt hmhmhmm. *likie*

I posted a new video (in my clip store) of me sucking on a lollipop. *heheh* Someone asked for it... and the site has a whole catagory for it. So woohoo! My videos are making me soooo much money. *smirk*

I'm going to be uploading lots of photo sets to my picture store tomorrow. Here's some samples. I suggest you fucking buy them. I think your dick will agree.

08-03-2007 18-24-0308-03-2007 18-28-22
Live Cam Action!
08-03-2007 18-49-3008-03-2007 18-54-28
Dom(me) seeking sub
08-03-2007 19-00-4308-03-2007 19-01-06
Hook up with LOCAL chicks!08-03-2007 19-13-4508-03-2007 19-25-09
08-03-2007 19-30-59

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