August 3, 2007

I'm a lonely kitten. Tonight is ... *frown* .... so I'm being a lil dirtier than usual. (piddling around taking hot pics and making HOT videos). By dirty I dont mean gross. I just mean I'm taking requests I usually snub. I really LOVE LOVE LOVE it when I have a customery sugar daddy type guy who's young, FUCKING HOT, and into the SAME stuff I am. *purrrrr* *lickie*

Anyway. I made a tasteful (haha) video of me BEGGING you to blow your load in my mouth, and holding my mouth open waiting for it. Very hot. I also made a vid of me playing with my lovely tits, begging you to suck em, and whining about how bad I need cock. I play with my clit a little too. ;> Both can be purchased in my vid store. Don't be shy... go have a look!

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