August 1, 2007

hmhmhm Joe brought home a strawberry twinkie for me as a treat (oo naughty) and a little while ago I crawled onto him, on the couch, and pulled my tits out and started taking googoo slut talk about it, and now my new nickname is 'strawberry bimbo twinkie'. Only people I love can call me that though! He pet me all over n kissed me n tickled me, and licked the back of my knee! hmhmhm *wiggle* He was nuzzling my junk, and he just happily told me he can smell pussy on his mustache. He said I'm sweet on the INSIDE, and thats why my bum and pussy smell so sweet. DIRTY AND AWESOME this evening is!

yay my new toy came today!
07-31-2007 14-55-56

a yummy army dude got it for me. from my amazon wishlist... he buys me presents and I send him hot pics n stuff on his cell phone. *smile* Thank you Jason. EVERYONE should fucking buy me cool shit. I deserve it, and you'll be TICKLED with my response to your radness. ;> - add me on myspace!


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