July 14, 2007

The Platters.

A very important group.

These two songs are wrenching my heart in the most beautiful painful way ever. I've played their album three times in a row now, and I see no reason to stop.

Watch these. Now. They're very fucking important. Yes. I said important twice, that close together.

You know.... in general...I have a 'why ask why?' attitude about all of the hard blows I've been dealt in life. All the things I've been denied, and will always be denied. But sometimes it gets to me, and I HAVE to ask. Why? FUCKING WHY??????

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07-09-2007 16-23-4607-09-2007 17-04-18
You know... I've taken a hell of a lot of nudie hot pics lately. But Im not gonna post much of them here. Why? Because fuck you, you BEGGING pig bitch, slob, cow, asshole. Im sick of snivelly motherfuckers trying to PANHANDLE nudity off of me. If you wanna continue to get off on me, cough up some fucking money. Oh are you a retard who never really reads anything, just stares at my pics and assumes from my pretty pretty face that I'm nice and generous to any fuckin scum bag who wants to give me attention? Wrong, shit bag. I just want your money. So go join my cambang members section, or buy my content. ....or die...any of these things would be acceptable. No, I don't care about your fucking stupid emails in which you tell me how bad you wanna blow a load down my throat. Do I want to see your webcam? Highly doubtful. Are you between 25-40 years old, and ultra fucking hot and smart? Then maybe...but I'm still not gonna give it away.


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