July 16, 2007

OMG I just had fun with silly work men! They came in to repair my carpeting... and after talking to me for awhile they started getting friendly and asking for beer, which I thought was cute, so we drank a few together at my little bar area.. I tried to get em to drink some liquor, and they WANTED to, but they had like seven other apartments to go deal with. *sigh* When they asked what I do for work, and I told them, they responded by getting smiley and saying they like to go to hooters, so I called them 'naughty carpet munchers' hahahaha! That had em stunned for a second.

The one 'head' guy kept blabbing in my ear about his clingy girlfriend that he doesnt wanna marry. Oooo, that no way to flirt, mr! ...*sigh*.... I want my chubby southern accented workmen back. *pout* That lead guy gave me his card and I just sent him a text message asking if him and his lady wanna hang out some time. He better fucking text me back, that bastard! Jacob and Lance. They kept shaking my hand, but they were being all limp wristed ew haha! ;>

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