July 20, 2007

I'm starting to get really excited about hockey season. (get your ass to my wishlist page and donate money towards SEASON TICKETS for me and Joe! do it!) It's on my mind a lot this morning. I'm eyeballing the preds and their stats right now... oi, look at the hotness of Shea Weber. Mmm. 6'3. Meow. ...it's funny how Dumont got traded from the sabres to the preds, and then a year later I move from buffalo to nashville. *follow*

Speaking of big tall righteous hockey dudes, I'm still totally into Mats Sundin, the hot scary swedish fucking monster. 6'5, 230 pounds, that bald head, those piercing blue eyes, and that sick evil sadistic smile. Christ. *twitch* He should come spend the night at my house. (but hey... fuck the leafs..really...die leafs die)

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