July 26, 2007

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I love receiving awesome awesome emails:

Date: Jul 26, 2007 11:52 AM

Subject: u r famous.

so before i started fucking my instructor from school i was fucking my first sergeant. i like the ones i'm not supposed to have. so he finally gets his myspace working and adds me, looks through my friends and i was talking to him on the phone he's like 'you have some interesting friends, like jessie kitty'. he says 'she's famous'. apparently my first seargeant knows you well. I was like "that's my home girl from back on the block!" I told him you always joke about mopping the poop decks. Ha. I just wanted you to know how popular you are. But cho always be **** from *** ******** to me. I am going back up north to fuck my instructor again. I leave tonite for the 5 hr drive back to *** ********* and will pick him up at the airport. wish my pussy luck, it'll be hurtin.

thats a mail from an old friend of mine, a soldier girl, obviously. the 'mopping the poop decks' thing is an excerpt from letters I sent her when she was .. overseas. I accused her of performing all matter of NAVY tasks, just to be an entertaining dipshit... since she was in iraq. ....my point being, WOOOOO all the hot military men dig the JessieKitty ;> I edited the email for privacy, oo! Bragging is classy.

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