July 7, 2007

New Jessie PicsJessieKitty's

Well. I had a lovely night of getting *woowoo* and taking lots of pics n vids n cam, while listening to excellent excellent music. *smile* You can view my live cam here at camcontacts. (that page wil tell you when I'm online)

heres some pics from the other night:

07-03-2007 19-49-1407-03-2007 20-06-06
07-03-2007 20-18-3407-03-2007 20-18-37

07-03-2007 20-26-2607-03-2007 20-30-38
07-03-2007 20-31-5807-03-2007 20-45-33

07-03-2007 21-14-22

yay for my friend Krystle from youbrokeher.com!


sleep invasion? hmm... thats a little tacky... but kinda fuckin hot, if I imagine it happening to ME. *smirk*

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