July 12, 2007

Did you know you can call me on the phone? You have to pay 3.99 a minute and there's no PHONE SEX, fyi. 1-800-TO-FLIRT extention# 01241219

I'm fucking hung over. I was in a good mood yesterday so I decided to drink tons of whiskey. *rereads that stupid fucking sentence* haha! So. I'm on lockdown. No drinking today, and no hard booze again for awhile. Beer n wine, woowoo.

Oh... hey... hey... I have new VIDEOS for sale. You can see them here. They sell really well. *smirk*

07-07-2007 21-59-3407-07-2007 22-08-31
07-07-2007 22-12-5407-07-2007 22-14-57
07-07-2007 22-17-2807-07-2007 22-17-40

And here we have a delicious video of the Eddie Cochran. (Whats up with those frigid bitches? I'da been rushing the stage trying to feel grab it..)

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