July 23, 2007


When I live in minneapolis, I had the pleasure of being close with the excellent el pollo loco, Dan the man. My girlfriend at the time was a revolting beast, and I'd run away with Dan to magical worlds of punk rock drunken fuckedupery. We'd go to some bald girls house and get fucking trashed and flirt our asses off....he'd take me out and buy me cigarettes n beer n crap... and then we'd find a bridge or a bench to grope and make out under. He's the first boy I ever got that touchy kissy feely with! I miss him. *sigh*

He was so hot, with his tight tight TIGHT bondage pants, and mohawk, n chains n whatnot all over. He made some of his own clothes...it was rad. And he was so fucking FUNNY! ....I remember when me and Dan took off and went and got super fuckin drunk down in this weird area under a freeway overpass, where there was shitloads of grafitti and shit. Anyway, we got GONE drunk, and the crazyness that went on kicked ass. At one point he traded me a tape of his old band in exchange for me showing him my pussy. It was cool, cause my pussy was all pissy, cause we were down there for AWHILE and we were peeing everywhere. These are good times man.

Now, I only ever see him on the stupid COMPUTER. And he got stupid MARRIED. Buh! But I'm fucking glad for it. Thank god for the retarded internet. Currently, he's making me ultra high by giving me access to his entire music collection via FTP. I can just download whatever I want..... and theres a million bands n a million albums... huh. I just downloaded the koffin kats, and the frantic flintstones.... I'm gonna go look for more.. its hard to decide what to take because this is a fuckin heavy hip set of shit and I don't know where to begin, oi! ....now look at dans cuteness...(stupid fucking married bullshit, he should be around HERE to service ME... I know he still wants to bang me dammit... he was always my 'savey' guy when everything sucked. I miss him *cry*):

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