June 12, 2007

Man. I totally got fucking spun on NV pills today. God damn you, egcg! Heheh! I flipped out and went on a frenzy of shaving my dog, painting my kitchen cabinets, patching and painting various spots throughout the house...working out, taking a bunch of pics, cleaning a bunch of shit, a whirling dervish I tell you. (spelling?). ...Yea. You know what? I love my UPS man. He's a black homosexual, and he's very animated and charismatic. That seems random, but I thought of it because he came when I was just getting out of the shower and I answered the door looking like shit, and (he knows vincent) I was all hyper and I grabbed vincent and shoved him in his face squeeling 'I shaved him!' and instead of getting freaked out by my wierd spazzy behavior, he was all like 'oh girl, if I was naked like him I'd be feelin' sexy!' hahaha. Ah. Good times. Anyway. Yea. Bye.

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