June 10, 2007

this hotness just added me on myspace.

dumbass pictures of me being a drunk snot, wow thats a first...*snort*:

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06-05-2007 15-57-0406-05-2007 15-58-46

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After browsing through some 'money domme' websites, I'd like to point out that fat ugly bitches shouldn't call themselves 'beautiful' and 'perfect'. It's scary. They should just acknowledge that their slaves are into them because the whole theory of being dominated by a big ugly beast is WHAT turns them on. <3

I fucking hate getting emails like this:

:: Question...Hey hon I have a question if you dont mind... Im an alternative model.. just getting into the 'scene' and im trying to find different ways to well, basically market myself i guess haha. but im really creative.. and i know you have ur own site. so im wondering how you went about this.. how did it go.. to get started doing what you do? im clueless :)
thanks so much love

why the fuck would I help you, retard? what the fuck would I be getting out of that? are you under the impression that I'm a nice helpful person? Wake the fuck up, and teach YOURSELF like I did. Oh, you cant can you... because youre too stupid.

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