April 24, 2007

The day before yesterday I was unloading groceries in the kitchen, right after I'd done dishes and changed the fish tank. I fucking slipped on the wet floor and smashed the two six packs of beer bottles I was carrying, and then fell on top of them. My arm is all cut up. Feel sorry for me. I was wearing short shorts and had bare feet, and once I was trapped in the scary pile of shattered glass and a shitload of bubbling beer I started flapping my hands, whimpering, and making these whiny shrieky sounds ..cause I was like in shock (there were glass slivers and hunks ON ME and surrounding me and I couldnt move). Joe came to my rescue. *heart* I was covered in little shards and blood, so I jumped in the shower to rinse it all off while he kindly cleaned up my mess. I felt like such a dumbass!

God dammit.

So... I love gossip. Celebrity gossip. I'm a regular at a shitload of sites, but my favorite by far (because of the funny bitchy perfect author) is DListed.Com. I've now got all my friends addicted to it. You should check it out.

I joined facebook... cause my best friend told me to *duh* - My Facebook Profile.

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