January 30, 2005

I am DYING for all of the flavored body products here: desserttreats.com

you have *got* to see the movie DAGON.

I am feta!
Cheese Test: What type of cheese are you?

I made a new guide to my pics and cam here: http://dragondata.com/~jessica/pics.html

the people in this town are such stupid fuckin disgusting hicks man....they're so ignorant and know-nothing that they accuse me and my boyfriend of LYING when we talk about our past. they simply cant grasp that cool people actually exist.

for instance, my boyfriend worked at a starbucks in hollywood, and a news stand/porno store. ...obviousley celebs came in all the time. the only stories he bothers to tell about it are when its funny shit, like when kirstey alley came in looking all foul, and hit on him. he told that story to someone, and the guy was like 'oh really, you got an autograph to prove it?' ....are you fucking kidding me? When you live in hollywood, and work in public places drenched in unimpressive celebs, are you going to give a fuck about having their autograph? get real ya stupid hick. my boyfriend got in his face and made it clear that he wasn't lying. (p.s. ...if he were lying, wouldnt he come up with someone better than that sad old cow? also...unless its one of your life long heros you're meeting...collecting autographs is for fuckin five year olds, hello)

the stupid hicks here also cant drive. they're so obsessively attatched to their herd mentality that they tail gait you, when the two of you are alone on the highway, and youre going 75. they also look at me all fucked up just cause of my hair color, and decorations/dress. what the fuck is UP with that man? It's so strange, I swear the 19 year olds here are more 'aware' than the fuckin...25-35 year olds.

If anyone I like from here is reading this...(Mark or Larry)....you're excluded from this rant, so don't sweat it.

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