January 24, 2005

hey ladies, how's about you PLUCK YOUR FUCKIN EYEBROWS. Bitches look like they have fuckin catapillars on their face n shit. *shiver*

I finally got the 'red balls corset coat' from H.T. ...THANK YOU!!!!!! :D ....I got it by doing a little online shopping with a guy, he bought me shit, had it shipped to himself, and then sent it to my PO BOX (an excellent idea for those online stores who wont ship to po box's :D)

I also received the HAWT HAWT calf high buckle shoes that KENKNEE bought me from my amazon wishlist \m/ thanks Ken.


if you have or will do any of the following, you WILL get blocked by me:

1) iming me saying 'hiiiiiiii' or using abreviations such as 'pls' instead of please.

2) acting stupid and cocky at me, such as saying things like 'nice antiseen cd, send it to me'

3) being stupid enough to say something like 'do you actually make money?' ...what the fuck do you THINK you stupid cow, Im here just for my health? Go look at the fuckin 'purchased' list on my amazon wishlist, or the cash received balance on my amazon donation page.

4) ask me for advice on how to copy me ....get fucking real idiot, no Im not going to waste time telling some worthless stranger how I became succesful and known.

5) saying hi more than once, for example:


...what the fuck are you doing saying hi more than once, retard.

6) asking me for a fan sign. why the fuck would I make you a fan sign if I dont know you?

7) call me Jess, or any other nickname that I haven't TOLD you to call me.

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