January 27, 2005

added some hot shit to my ladybwear wishlist, see it here (my addy is stored by the site)

check out this hot german dude who linked my site, meow: http://www.beepworld.de/members74/badwanker77/index.htm

my dream....I was wandering around in duluth, and I ran into my old friend chong. you know, as in cheech and chong. We were all excited to see eachother, and I wanted him to hook me up with weed, and we were hugging n then walking down by the lake, and I had my dog, the boxer, with me. She was running down closer to the lake and me and chong were following her.

..so all of a sudden a forrest ranger or mounty or something comes along and chong is like 'jump in the lake!' so we jump in, as does the dog, and we swim down and hide. We hugged n swam around all freaky and cool under the water till the ranger was gone, and when we got out we had swam down the way, and I had lost my purse n bag n wallet n everything, that I needed.

so we walk back to where we jumped in, and on the way we pass another little area along the lake where a bunch of wierd sporty jock assholes were chilling. We talked a bunch of snotty shit to them as we walked by, and I heard one of them say 'a camel is crossing' and I looked over and there was a big black camel in the lake. I remember thinking 'oh no, theres camel piss in there' ...I also saw cows jumping in the lake.

so we got back to where we jumped in, and the water had receided. I easily found my purse wallet and bag, and a bunch of other treasures from the deep, things people had lost. then all of a sudden chong and I were in a MALL in australia, then all of a sudden back at the lake, and there was a cookout going on. then I woke up.

awesome, right? well I had a righteous dream the night before too. I dreampt I went to a primus concert in a really small venue, and after the concert I walked through the place and collected like 30 wallets that dinks had dropped. and then they were holding a church service in the place. huh.

Im groggy. I will now go lay down again. I wish I was still dreaming of kicking it with chong though.


Anonymous said...

how come you dont show your anus on cam anymore?

Jessica said...

I whip my asshole out when I feel like it.

Anonymous said...

fanastic :D
you should try to have it a little bit open next time